Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata

Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata

As a leading Knee Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata, I specialize in Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), a highly effective surgical procedure designed to alleviate severe knee pain and enhance joint functionality. This procedure is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or those who have sustained knee injuries. During TKA, the damaged knee joint is expertly replaced with a meticulously crafted artificial implant, known as a prosthesis, ensuring improved mobility and quality of life for my patients in Kolkata. To improve the readability and structure of the provided content about Total Knee Replacement (TKA), I will revise it by shortening sentences, using more active voice and transition words, adding subheadings, and simplifying language for easier understanding. Here's the revised content: ---

Benefits of Total Knee Replacement (TKA)

  1. Pain Relief and Improved Daily Activities: TKA effectively reduces pain. It makes daily activities like walking and climbing stairs more comfortable.
  2. Enhanced Joint Function:This surgery restores knee mobility and stability. You can move more freely without discomfort.
  3. Quality of Life: TKA allows you to enjoy activities previously limited by knee pain. Your overall well-being improves significantly.

High Success Rate of TKA

  1. Positive Outcomes: Over 90% of patients report satisfaction post-surgery. They experience less pain and better joint function.
  2. Advancements in Procedure: Years of refinement have enhanced TKA's effectiveness. Complications have notably decreased.

Recovery Journey

  1. Pre-Surgery Evaluation: Your orthopaedic surgeon assesses your suitability for TKA. This includes reviewing your medical history and conducting physical exams.
  2. Hospital Stay: Post-surgery, expect a short hospital stay. During this time, you'll receive pain management and start physiotherapy.
  3. Home Rehabilitation: Once home, continue physiotherapy. These sessions focus on strengthening and regaining knee flexibility.

Life After TKA

  1. Enhanced Lifestyle: Post-TKA, you'll likely see a substantial improvement in your lifestyle. Activities once hindered by knee pain become possible again.
  2. Active Living: Enjoy walking, climbing, and low-impact exercises. A more active life awaits you post-recovery.

Ideal Candidates for TKA

Severe Pain and Disability: TKA suits those with intense knee pain. It's ideal for arthritis sufferers or those with knee injuries unresponsive to non-surgical treatments.

Success and Efficacy of TKA

High Success Rates: TKA is highly successful, offering pain relief and improved joint function to over 90% of patients.

Recovery Timeline

Varied Recovery Periods: Recovery times differ, but many return to normal activities within a few months.

Active Life Post-TKA

Physical Activity Post-Recovery: After TKA and rehabilitation, enjoy walking, swimming, and other low-impact exercises.

Informed Decision-Making

Consultation is Key: Discuss TKA with your Knee Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata. An informed decision is crucial for your health and well-being.


Transformative Effects of TKA: TKA offers remarkable benefits. It relieves pain, improves joint function, and enables a more active lifestyle. For those considering TKA, consulting with a medical professional and weighing the information provided can guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. --- This revision aims to enhance the readability and engagement of the content by adhering to the guidelines provided.

Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Kolkata

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